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Canvas objects


An input component is used to capture text input from the end user. You can submit the value of the input by:

  • Adding an action to the input component (which will render an inline button)
  • Using a button component (which will submit all interactive components in the canvas)


Parameter Possible Values Required Description
type input Yes The type of component you are rendering.
id Any string Yes A unique identifier for the component.
label Any string No The text shown above the input.
placeholder Any string No An example value shown inside the component when it’s empty.
value Any string No An entered value which is already inside the component.
action Action object No This can be a Submit Action or URL Action Action.
save_state unsaved saved failed No Styles the input. Default is unsaved. Prevent action with saved.
disabled false true No Styles the input and prevents the action. Default is false. Will be overridden if save_state is saved.