Build an integration

Canvas objects

Response object

We expect a canvas object in response to the request. This is where you'll specify the UI for the first screen of the app using components.


You have to always respond to requests with a canvas object. This will tell us what UI to show for your app.

A canvas needs a content object which will contain the components to render the UI and may optionally contain a stored_data object.

Stored data

This is primarily used to persist key-value pairs of data across multiple screen pass.

For example, you all app flow may include multiple screens and you may have to capture data inputted in each of those screens to make them available to use at the end of the flow.

In the response to the submit calls, you can include this data in the stored_data object and use it as you like.

  "canvas": {
    "content": {
      "components": [
          "type": "text",
          "text": "This is a text component."
    "stored_data": { "key": "value" } // Optional. Can be more than one pair