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OAuth Scopes

OAuth scopes, or permissions, let you specify exactly how your application needs to access a Gist workspace.

You should only specify the scopes you need to satisfy your use case and no more. Scopes are the most common reason that apps aren't approved when it comes to reviews.

Summary of all Oauth Scopes

The following scopes can be selected via checkboxes on your Authorization settings page in the developer hub:

Name Description Slug
Read a contact List and view a single contact read_contact
Write a contact Create or update a single contact write_contact
Read all contacts List and view all contacts read_bulk_contacts
Write all contacts Create or update batch of contacts write_bulk_contacts
Read conversations List and view conversation details read_conversations
Write conversations Create or update conversation details write_conversations
Read events List and view events read_events
Read tags List and view tags read_tags
Write tags Create or update tags write_tags
Read teams List and view teams read_teams
Read teammates List and view teammates read_teammates